The useless robots on TikTok are hard not to love

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The useless robots on TikTok are hard not to love

From the robots that fail miserably at their jobs to the robots dealing with our literal crap, Mashable’s Crappy Robots dives into the complex world of automation — for better or worse or much, much worse. 

I have two favorite robot creators on TikTok. One creates art that isn’t necessarily useful, but is artistic and fun to watch. And the other, who creates work that is entirely unusable and arguably absurd, does not appear to want to be found. 

The latter’s username is @hmg….4, and they go, colloquially, by user9942938153949. Their videos are all “very human” and “very easy to use.” They take a problem — one that might not really exist, like having to go for a bike ride but being warm in your bed, or getting tired when you walk — and solves it in a way that can only be described as straight shitposting. For the bike riding problem, they created a way to ride your bike directly from a bed. The catch is that you have to be laying down, and it doesn’t look particularly comfortable or easy to use. For being tired when you walk, they created an automatic walker made of metal poles that you duct tape to your body. Read more…

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