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Tesla pops 7% in premarket after Elon Musk says he is set for victory in $56 billion pay vote

Elon Musk said Tesla shareholders are set to approve his $56 billion pay package and a resolution to move the electric carmaker's incorporation to Texas.

Argentina’s Senate passes Milei’s economic reform bill as protesters clash with riot police

Anti-riot police officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters and a car was set ablaze during the demonstrations.

China and India lead the charge as digital wallets overtake cash and cards in Asia

Consumers in Asia-Pacific are the biggest users of digital wallets as physical cards and cash usage continue to decline, according to the a report by Worldpay.

Revolut moves global HQ to heart of London’s financial district as it awaits UK bank license

Revolut has purchased a 10-year lease for a new global headquarters in the YY London building in the center of Canary Wharf.

Fintech has hit a bottom after plunge in valuations and squeeze on funding, execs and VCs say

"Investors are now in the AI mindset," the CEO of Nium told CNBC. "Like, whatever it costs. I want in on AI. They're going to burn a lot of money."

90% of UK workers are ‘quiet quitting’ as they seek other job opportunities, Gallup report says

Only 10% of UK workers were found to be engaged at work, a Gallup report found.

Chinese EV stocks surge after EU slaps up to 38% additional import tariffs

Hong Kong's Hang Seng index surged 1.23% at the open, powered mostly by gains in EV stocks.

Databricks tells investors annualized revenue will reach $2.4 billion at midway point of year

Databricks says it's signing up more big customers, and existing clients are spending more.

Singapore wants to revive its stock market. Could major Asian markets have the answers?

Could Singapore take lessons from Japan and South Korea's value up programs to make its exchange more attractive? Analysts weigh in.

Risky bet in this global hydrogen fuel cell maker could net investors 160%, says RBC

RBC analyst's price target is the most conservative, as the average of four analysts points to a 282% upside.

These are the stocks to play the next ‘bottleneck’ in AI, according to the pros

There's been a lot of talk about AI's infrastructure buildout. Tech analysts say there's another area to invest in beyond data centers and cloud computing power.

Asia-Pacific markets rise as Fed holds rates and shifts dot plot

The Fed has projected one rate cut this year, down from three, but raises the number of projected rate cuts to a total of 4 in 2025.

Robotics startup cofounded by Synapse CEO is raising funds with exaggerated claims about GM ties

Foundation was started in April by Synapse CEO Sankaet Pathak, Tribe Capital CEO Arjun Sethi, and LeBlanc, cofounder of Cobalt Robotics.

GameStop tanks with huge volume in the call options owned by ‘Roaring Kitty’

The sell-off in GameStop shares intensified in afternoon trading, coinciding with a spike in trading volume in the call options that "Roaring Kitty" owned.

Broadcom beats earnings estimates, announces 10-for-1 stock split

Broadcom announced a 10-for-1 stock split and beat earnings estimates for the second fiscal quarter.