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The world around us is always changing. As we get older it seems like technology only gets younger. Often times, these changes give us our greatest challenges in trying to understand, learn, and sometimes simply talk the lingo. 

Join me as I discuss all things digital and make what seem like complex topics, easy to digest, comprehend, and understand.

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Anonymous Student Widener University

He's got a Robin Williams Dead Poet Society vibe. Very Carpe Diem oriented, but a fair guy. If you put in some good work, it'll be amazing.

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Tyler Downing Executive Search Consultant

As someone that considers themselves an outsider looking in, Ryan does a fantastic job of making these complex topics understandable for all.

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Spencer Chorney, Esq. Attorney at Law

Ryan provides great insight into the news, hot topics, and interesting trends. He makes it easy for anyone to follow along and learn something new.

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Tim White Designation

One of Ryan’s main objectives is complete engagement with his audience. Aside from the enthusiasm and animation Ryan brings to the discussion, He’s an extremely intelligent, prepared & expert public speaker who has a unique ability to reach pretty much anyone in the room.

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