MacBook Pro (M1) review: Baby's first content creation machine

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MacBook Pro (M1) review: Baby's first content creation machine

With Apple’s in-house M1 chip now on the scene, the fine line between its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has become a little blurry. 

The MacBook Pro, traditionally equipped with the lineup’s beefiest processor and capable of handling intense professional tasks, has up to now been Apple’s top-tier laptop offering. But its status is somewhat in limbo thanks to a recent 13-inch Pro refresh featuring the company’s M1 chip — a processor that just so happens to also be running under the hood of the company’s latest Air. 

My time with the new M1 MacBook Pro has felt so similar to the M1 Air that, at one point, I had to look down at the keyboard to double-check which one I was using. It was only when I saw the dreaded Touch Bar that I realized I was on the new Pro. Read more…

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