How to make your Instagram Stories more secure

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How to make your Instagram Stories more secure

Is your Instagram account private? If so, you’re off to a solid start. If your content is public, however, you might want to take a serious look at your Instagram Stories privacy settings.

Instagram Stories is one of the more fun, carefree social media features. Stories offers a perfect space to share visual snippets of your life and creative, engaging content with followers — everything from photos and videos to songs you love and personal polls. But have you ever stopped to think about the safety of your Stories and who exactly can see and share them?

Recently, while rewatching one of my own Instagram Stories and scrolling through the lengthy lineup of friends, colleagues, and family members who had viewed it, I noticed a few complete strangers and several spam accounts had made the list. A twinge of panic coursed through my body and a series of questions ran through my mindWho were these people? How did they find my profile? Did someone send them my story? How long have randos been getting a behind-the-scenes look at my life? Read more…

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