FTC finalizes settlement with Zoom over misleading encryption claims

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FTC finalizes settlement with Zoom over misleading encryption claims

Hey, would you look at that: A company is actually facing consequences for its actions. 

The Federal Trade Commission said Monday that it has finalized a settlement with Zoom. At issue was the company allegedly misleading its users about the privacy and security of its core product.  

Monday’s announcement comes almost three months after Zoom agreed to the settlement terms, and marks the beginning — not the end — of an ongoing commitment to improve the security of its videoconferencing software. 

“The final order requires Zoom to implement a comprehensive security program, review any software updates for security flaws prior to release and ensure the updates will not hamper third-party security features,” explains the FTC announcement. “The company must also obtain biennial assessments of its security program by an independent third party, which the FTC has authority to approve, and notify the Commission if it experiences a data breach.” Read more…

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