Banish odors from your car with this cool gadget

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Banish odors from your car with this cool gadget

TL;DR: Keep your car smelling fresh with the VentiFresh Plus Germ and Odor Eliminator Car Pack, on sale for $60 — a 31% savings — as of March 22.

Lingering stenches can quickly turn your magical road trip into an insufferable experience. But this NASA-inspired odor eliminator can help.

The VentiFresh Plus was initially funded on Indiegogo with over $100K, which was over 388 percent of its original goal. Why? It’s much more than your average car air freshener or air purifier. In fact, it combines UV technology with a NASA-inspired photocatalyst layer to eliminate odors.

You can either keep it plugged into your car using the included USB cable or charge it up and go wireless. You’ll get a custom car vent clip and magnet mount with your purchase, so you can decide what kind of setup works best for you. And don’t worry: It’s super small, at just a little over two inches all around, so it won’t take up much valuable cargo space on your trip.  Read more…

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