Apple’s latest iPad accessories are both finally on sale

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a close-up of a woman writing on an m2 apple ipad air with an apple pencil pro

SAVE UP TO $9.01: As of June 12, the new Apple Pencil Pro and Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro are on sale via Amazon.

Quick links:

For artists and notetakers

Apple Pencil Pro

$124.99 at Amazon
(save $4.01)

the apple pencil pro

For the laptop experience

an 11-inch m4 apple ipad pro with a magic keyboard attached

For the laptop experience

a 13-inch m4 apple ipad pro with a magic keyboard attached

Apple’s latest iPads have been relatively easy to find on sale in the wake of their mid-May launch, and now their accessories are following suit. The new Apple Pencil Pro and Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (both sizes) are discounted as of June 12, dropping by about $4 and $9 on Amazon, respectively. That’s a first for the Pencil Pro and a match of some short-lived preorder deals on the Magic Keyboards.

These aren’t especially steep discounts, so most shoppers would be wise to hold off on buying for a few more weeks in case they increase during Amazon’s annual Prime Day event (confirmed for July — it’s that time of year again). Other retailers may also match or beat them in the near future; at the time of writing, Amazon was the only place to find both accessories on sale. But if you already have your new tablet in hand and don’t want to wait any longer to use it with its extra fixings, sometimes a deal’s a deal.

Here’s a brief overview of each accessory:

Apple Pencil Pro

Read Mashable’s hands-on review of the Apple Pencil Pro.

The “Pro” version of the tech giant’s stylus responds to squeezes and twists. It’s also the first Apple Pencil with Find My support, which should alleviate any concerns about misplacing it. It’s compatible with the new M2-powered iPad Airs as well as the new M4 iPad Pros, which all have a magnetic interface for storing it.

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Available in two sizes that go with the ultra-thin 11- and 13-inch M4 iPad Pros, the latest Apple Magic Keyboard features a new function row, a palm rest that’s made from aluminum (instead of plastic), and a larger trackpad with haptic feedback. Both versions come in black and white, but note that the 11-inch one was only on sale in black when we last checked.

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