Microsoft threatens to cut-off rival AI chatbots from Bing data

The AI chatbot wars are heating up, apparently. Microsoft is reportedly considering barring other companies from using data from its search engine Bing. Bloomberg reported that Microsoft has threatened to cut-off two separate Bing-powered search engines if companies don’t stop using the data for their own chatbots. The Bloomberg report did not specify which companies […]

Boost your job search with a $67 AI that can send 150 applications a day

TL;DR: As of March 26, a lifetime license to the LazyApply job application AI is on sale for only $67 instead of $149 — that’s a savings of 55%. The stress of job hunting certainly isn’t helped by how frustrating some online applications can be. You may have already attached your résumé, but that doesn’t […]

Get unlimited AI art from this $59 WordPress plugin

TL;DR: As of March 26, you can get a lifetime license to the DALL-E AI Image Generator and WordPress Plugin for only $59 instead of $299 — that’s 80% in savings. Whether you’re writing a blog, managing your company’s website, or updating your portfolio, a website without images just seems bland. You could go for stock […]

Hit the gym with these $18 moisture-proof workout earbuds

TL;DR: Through March 31, you can snag a pair of refurbished Altec Lansing Nanobuds for only $17.98 instead of $39 — that’s a savings of 55% for a limited time. A good pair of workout earbuds are worth their weight in deadlifts. You don’t need to break the bank if you want to pump up […]

Save 37% on a Mac mini with 32GB RAM

TL;DR: Get a Mac mini (Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, 128GB SSD) from 2018 for only $685.99 instead of $1,099 — that’s a savings of 37%. Sometimes, the basics just aren’t enough. If you’re in a field that requires a high-spec computer just to get your normal work done, you might not have to spend as […]

Protect your online data and identity with this free VPN

TL;DR: ProtonVPN’s free version provides access to 24 servers in three countries, decent connection speeds, and a strict no-logging policy that protects your data and identity. Opens in a new tab Credit: ProtonVPN ProtonVPN Plus (2-Year Subscription) (opens in a new tab) £105.65 only at ProtonVPN Get Deal (opens in a new tab) When it […]

The best web hosting providers for ecommerce

Just as they do with a physical shop, first impressions matter when it comes to online stores. It’s vital to purchase the best web hosting for your ecommerce website to ensure that your customers get the best service and you benefit from the most sales for your business. A good quality web host ensures that […]

ChatGPT plugins: How to get access

In an announcement on Thursday, OpenAI told the world that ChatGPT will soon have “eyes and ears.” Plugins are about to be rolled out, and with them will come a radical expansion of ChatGPT’s capabilities. OpenAI will soon have proprietary plugins, and there will also be third-party plugins. If this doesn’t sound exciting, here’s an […]

Internet Archive loses first ruling in copyright lawsuit

A federal judge ruled against the digital database Internet Archive in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by four major publishers. Hachette, HarperCollins, John Wiley & Sons, and Penguin Random House sued Internet Archive following the implementation of its National Emergency Library at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to COVID, the Internet Archive lent […]

Levi's to use AI models to 'increase diversity and sustainability'

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic with the advent of programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney, and brands are (unfortunately) getting in on it. This week, the iconic denim company Levi’s announced its partnership with AI studio, which creates AI-generated fashion models. Levi’s plans on testing the use of these models to “supplement human […]