Scientists figured out the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine's code and posted it on Github

Hackers have posted a brand new trove of reverse-engineered data on Github. And by “hackers,” I mean “scientists.” And that trove of “reverse-engineered data” is the mRNA sequence which makes Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine work. Two Stanford scientists have been able to extract the entire mRNA sequence for Modern’s COVID-19 vaccine and posted the code on […]

Boston Dynamics unveils new warehouse robot called Stretch

Cargo may be delayed in getting to warehouses due to the gigantic ship that was stuck in a canal, but once it gets there, a new Boston Dynamics robot is ready to handle all the boxes. The robot is called Stretch, and while it certainly isn’t nimble like Spot, Stretch is designed for the smooth, […]

This $400 smart robot vacuum is on sale for under $170 at Walmart

SAVE $230.99: Usually $399.99, the Ecovacs Deebot 711 is on sale at Walmart for just $169 as of March 29 — an impressive 58% savings. This National Cleaning Week (March 28 through April 3), stay humble. Instead of losing several hours to brushing dust bunnies around your floors, defer to a better-equipped robot vacuum that […]

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a monstrous camera and a rear display

Remember ultra-compact, point and shoot cameras? The elegant, slim devices with oversized lenses aren’t very popular right now, but they were all the rage a decade and a half ago, before they got largely replaced by smartphones.  The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, launched at an event Monday, is dangerously approaching the aesthetics of the good […]

Make your smart home even smarter with an Echo Show device on sale

Here are the top deals on Echo Show devices as of March 29: OUR TOP PICK: Echo Show 8 — Save $55 BEST UPGRADE PICK: All-new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) — Save $40 BEST BUDGET PICK: Echo Show 5 — Save $40 Our homes are everything these days: They’re our offices, our movie theatres, […]

Get ready for outdoor movie nights with this portable projector on sale

Save $100: The portable Anker Nebula Solar projector is on sale for $499.99, down from $599.99. Outdoor hangouts were a thing long before COVID forced them to be A Thing, and they’ll continue to be a type of gathering after the pandemic subsides. If you want to be the cool hangout spot, you should think […]

These workout-friendly wireless earbuds come in 6 different colors

TL;DR: Need new headphones? Score the Raycon E50 Wireless Earbuds for only $64.99 as of March 29 — a 45% discount. Despite the abundance of wireless earbuds on the market, there’s not a ton of variety when it comes to style. You’re generally stuck with either the Q-tips dangling from your ears look or something […]

Yep, someone put the stuck Suez ship into Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ever Given, the container cargo ship currently stuck in the Suez canal and costing the world’s economy tens of billions of dollars, has made it into every corner of the internet, every meme, and every joke imaginable (there’s even a web app now where you can add it to random places around the world). The […]