Elon Musk explains why Tesla would never share data with China *or* the U.S.

Elon Musk skipped his preferred platform of Twitter for this latest round of corporate diplomacy, so you know he’s serious. Musk spoke up over the weekend after a Friday report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that China would bar “military staff and employees of key state-owned companies” from using Tesla vehicles. There’s concern that […]

The best apps for all your photo-printing needs

Those precious memories in your phone’s camera roll may not last forever. All it takes is a bad fall that damages your phone, a faulty battery, or a lack of storage space to force you to part with hundreds or even thousands of photos. Thanks to modern photo-printing services, however, you can get physical backups […]

Free recipe apps for whatever (and however) you want to cook

With a decent recipe app, you can instantly convert your smartphone or tablet into a veritable library of cookbooks. We’ve tried and tested five fabulous free recipe apps that together offer you well over 100,000 recipes from all around the world.  Many of these also give you the ability to save recipes you want to […]

Twitter turns 15: The big turning points in its tumultuous history

Fifteen years? It feels more like 15 centuries.  Stand in the raging torrent known as the timeline, surrounded by tweets that will delight and distract and infuriate you, and it’s hard to believe this mighty river ever came from a tiny trickle — much less that the trickle began a mere decade and a half […]

These blue light filters attach to your MacBook screen

TL;DR: Protect your eyes from blue light with an Ocushield Blue Light Screen Filter, on sale for $44.99 — a 35% off discount — as of March 21. There are numerous ways to protect your eyes from the blue light associated with screen time. You could wear a pair of blue light-blocking glasses, for instance. […]