Save 25% on a cooling pad for your laptop

TL;DR: Keep your laptop at peak gaming temperature with the HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, on sale for $31.95 — a 25% savings — as of Feb. 19. If you worry about your gaming laptop falling prey to overheating, you may want to consider a laptop cooling pad — like this top-rated one from HAVIT. […]

Everyone can use basic graphic design skills. Here's how to learn.

TL;DR: Learn graphic design skills that you can use no matter what your job is with the Graphic Design for Beginners Course. As of Feb. 19, get one year access for only $19.99 — a 79% savings.  If you’ve never dabbled in graphic design before, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to start — especially since this […]

Snag an impressive pair of wireless earbuds for less than $80

TL;DR: Need new headphones? Snag a pair of HAVIT G1W wireless earbuds for $76.95 as of Feb. 19, a total savings of 14%. Sleek, durable, and high-quality, the G1Ws are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds. These headphones fit snugly, deliver clear sound, and have a battery life of […]

Learn how to play piano from home with this app

TL;DR: Get started on learning piano with a lifetime subscription to Skoove, on sale for $149.99 — a 50% savings — as of Feb. 19. Interested in learning how to the play the piano? You can get started on your new hobby with this app. With hundreds of lessons, thousands of instructional videos, and a […]

5 password managers to replace LastPass

I have a confession to make: I constantly forget all my passwords, and I don’t use a password manager. This is a personal failing. Apparently, the rest of the digital world has long realized that password managers are life-changing and security-enhancing.  But now LastPass, a popular manager, has implemented new restrictions on their free tier. […]