What is Game Mode on your TV and should you use it?

Sometimes you’ll try to play a video game on your TV and it just feels wrong. Your button presses aren’t responsive enough and, before you know it, you’re staring at a “game over” screen. You may not know it, but even older TVs have an easy fix for this. Allow me to introduce you to […]

AirPods who? Score the Samsung Galaxy Buds for less than $50

SAVE $80.99: Forget spending your life’s savings on fancy wireless earbuds: Snag the Samsung Galaxy Buds with charging case in white for only $49 as of Feb. 18. Good wireless earbuds can be hard to find. Some of them have zero noise cancelling, some have low sound quality, and others are super pricey (looking at […]

Google Meet to add emoji reacts so you can heart your friends and coworkers

Google Meet is about to get a little more lively.  On Wednesday, the company said it’s adding several new features to its video conferencing software, mostly focusing on safety and engagement in online classes. Perhaps the most noticeable will be support for emoji reacts, which are coming “later this year.” To express yourself with an […]

Facebook to add labels to climate change posts

Facebook will add labels to posts related to climate change, as part of its ongoing attempt to wrangle misinformation spreading on the platform.  Amid the chaos that is Facebook’s news ban in Australia, the social media giant announced the new feature on Thursday in a blog post.  First rolling out in the UK with plans […]

That gold-plated PlayStation 5 costs half a million dollars

We knew it was going to be expensive, but damn. Caviar, the company that rolls out outstandingly expensive gold iPhones, announced it was extending the Midas touch to the PlayStation 5 in January.  At the time, the website did not list a price for its 18-karat plated console with matching alligator leather-clad controllers, and it’s […]

Learn to code from the experts for just $40

TL;DR: Get a crash course in coding with the The Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle on sale for $39.99, a 98% savings as of Feb. 18. Do you finally want to learn to code in 2021? This Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle, taught by full-stack web development experts like Avetis Ghukasyan and Jonas Schmedtmann, is […]

This durable charging cable is designed to work fast — and it's on sale

TL;DR: Stop waiting hours for your devices to charge, and opt for the Naztech Braided Lightning to USB-C Charger instead, on sale for 26% off. As of Feb. 18, score it for only $21.99. Replacing your flimsy charging cable every six months is not the move. Snagging one made with durable materials from a well-known […]

Keep your dog busy as you WFH with an interactive toy on sale

TL;DR: Give your dog some much-needed mental stimulation with the Wickedbone interactive dog toy, on sale for $69.95 — a 30% savings — as of Feb. 18.  If your pup doesn’t understand the difference between “ready to play” and “glued to a Zoom call,” you might enjoy this interactive dog toy. It’ll keep those puppy-dog […]

Save over 60% on a refurbished robot vacuum

TL;DR: The ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 will vacuum for you — and it’s on sale for 62% off. As of Feb. 18, get it for just $129.99. If you’re still manually cleaning your floors, stop. It’s 2021 and there’s definitely a better way. For those who can’t swing for a pricey Roomba, consider this refurbished ECOVACS […]

A former Reddit CEO is turning arid land into robust forests. Here’s how to scale it globally.

Yishan Wong, former Reddit CEO, is a self-professed technologist working to accelerate the process of global forest restoration. Forests, a natural carbon sink, play an important role in sequestering it from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, huge bottlenecks (the availability of freshwater, land, and seeds) put the scalability and resilience of forest restoration as a nature-based response […]