Pro-Trump ‘Patriot Party’ grows on Facebook…despite openly violating the platform’s policies

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Pro-Trump ‘Patriot Party’ grows on Facebook...despite openly violating the platform’s policies

Right-wing content that was previously banned from Facebook has found its way back onto the platform thanks to a simple rebranding effort.

A new report from the Tech Transparency Project has found that election fraud conspiracies, such as “Stop the Steal,” and violent pro-Trump militia groups are making their way back on to Facebook under the guise of the “Patriot Party” movement.

Patriot Party pages and groups have the capability to grow fast. According to the report, one group simply called “Patriot Party” was able to amass 105,000 members in just 8 days since the group was created. 

While Facebook did take down that group, the Tech Transparency Project found 51 Facebook groups and 85 Facebook pages promoting the Patriot Party that were still active at the time of the report. In total, these pages and groups currently have more than 120,000 members and likes. Read more…

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